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Meet Nikki Gal

About Nikki Gal

Nikki Gal is a former model, digital artist, public speaker, as well as mental health advocate.  In 2021 Raw Talk with Nikki Gal was created to help others not feel so ashamed of struggles, journeys, or life paths. If you went through it, or are going through it, WE as women are not alone.

Raw Talk with Nikki Gal is a place where ALL women can unapologetically express themselves, get into the details of the “taboo” and/or “stigmata”,  while sharing raw and real experiences within their own lives UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Gal's journey and passion of understanding herself naturally inspires her to help other women find and understand themselves, too.


"As a woman I have been judged, I have been labeled, and I have been muted. That’s part of being a woman. I want to break that. Break that feeling of judgement, break that feeling of labels, break that feeling of being muted among us women." 

The Legacy

Raw Talk with Nikki Gal this past year has launched on over 5 listening platforms worldwide resulting in publishing over 120 interviews hitting listeners from over 40 countries. The legacy of never being afraid to be unapologetically yourself. Own yourself; the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, and the RAW. Raw Talk has really become a diary for women and myself to share the non-filtered and the bare truth. Know your truth and create yourself. 

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